2010-2020 Studies on Conditions


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Achalasia-AIDS 2015-2020
Alcoholism-Autoimmune Disorders 2015-2020

Back Pain-Bowel Disorders 2015-2020
Brain-Business of Cannabis 2015-2020 

Cachexia-Chemotherapy 2015-2020
Chest Pain-Cystitis 2015-2020

Dentistry-Dystonia 2015-2020

Eating Disorders-Exercise 2015-2020

Facial Expressions-Fungi 2015-2020

Gait-Gut/Brain Axis 2015-2020

Hair-Hypoactive Sexual Desire 2015-2020

IBS/IBD-IQ 2015-2020

‘Jay-Dar’ Effect-Koro 2015-2020 

Lactic Acidosis-Lymph 2015-2020 

Macrophages-Methods/Rosin 2015-2020 

Methods/RSO-Myotonic 2015-2020

Nail-Patella-Nutrition 2015-2020 

Obesity-Overviews 2015-2020 

Pain-Poisoning 2015-2020

Polls-Pyoderma 2015-2020

Quality Of Life-Quitting 2015-2020 

Rabies-Rural 2015-2020

Safety-Smoked Cannabis 2015-2020

Social Adjustment-Systemic Mastocytosis 2015-2020

Taste-Tuberculosis 2015-2020

Ultrasound-Xerostomia 2015-2020

It Is Time for Marijuana to Be Reclassified as Something Other Than
a Schedule I Drug! (article-2005) … It’s been 15 years, now. Just sayin’! http://preview.tinyurl.com/37vm78x


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