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THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM | 2010-2020 (News) | 2015-2020 (Studies) | 2014-2020 | 2000-2009 | Pre-2000 |

ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM GENETICS | 2010-2020 (News) | 2010-2015 (Animal) | 2010-2020 (Human) | 2000-2009 |

THE PHYTOCANNABINOIDS  | 2010-2020 (News) | 2015-2020 (Studies) | 2010-2014 (Studies) | 2000-2009 |

THE SYNTHETICS and COMPOUNDS THAT AFFECT the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM (ECS)  | 2010-2020 (News) | 2010-2015 | 2000-2009 |

The first section of the List is links to news articles, so you won’t need a PhD to use the List. Reading a news article about something first really makes understanding the actual medical study much easier! The first studies section is devoted to the more recent medical studies and articles from 2010 to 2019. The older studies go into detail about some of the basics (storage of Cannabis, effects on hormone levels etc). The older studies also tend to be easier to understand, so they are a good place to begin your education. And take your Omega 3! It is needed to properly make the CB receptors that the cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) activate to get you “high” and also, more importantly, heal you. You want lots of working CB receptors and not just for the better “high” that daily use of Omega 3 can bring after a month or two! I hope you enjoy my List!


Beginners – Start Here!

No one is born knowing about Cannabis, we were all beginners, once.
Reading the following now will save you a lot of questions later …

NEWS ARTICLES – 2010-2022

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A visual guide to the most common measurements of weed (news–2022)
What Does Good Weed Look Like? (news–2022)
How to roll a joint in 7 easy steps (I prefer glass pipes – GSC) (news–2022)
How to Grow Marijuana: A Step-By-Step Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis (+Tips) (news–2022)
How Many Milligrams Of THC Is Too Much? (news–2022)


Becoming ‘Granny Storm Crow’ an article from 2009 published on the Salem News website …

I am a well-respected teacher’s aide in my 60’s. I start my day with 8th grade math. I quilt, paint, sculpt and am an avid genealogist. I enjoy posting on several websites. My husband is disabled and on SSI. We live in a tiny rural town in California with our two adult sons. Our lives are filled with computers and books. We are all compulsive educators- a family of quiet, intellectual geeks. I lead a double life. I am a secret, international, medical cannabis activist. Even though I am ‘California legal’, I hide in the shadowy world of the internet. As the mysterious ‘Granny Storm Crow’, I influence cannabis-using people worldwide. Mostly what I do is I tell people about medical studies, but even so, I must hide my “secret identity”.

North American English (for the most part) is used across this site, thank you.